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Member Name : Myrtle

Status: Married
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Member Name : Deidra

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Member Name : Rosamund

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Member Name : Selena

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Member Name : Virginia

Status: Divorced
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Member Name : Delphia

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would appreciate your company, sexy hookers online Daphne no lies, no games I have posted before, got dozens of fake/scam messages, but a couple of real people too. Unfortunately, after exchanging a fe girl looking for sex in Mill Valley CA, Granby CO, Hecker, Mancelona MI, Pennant Saskatchewan, Gore w e-mail, it never went anywhere (different expectations or a short attention spam I guess.) I am willing to try again, and hopeful the woman I am looking for is out there somewhere (or has a really good friend willing to forward this post to her!) This is a LONG message, not your typical slist post. Please take the time to read the whole message and you might be surprised by what you find. Yes, I am real, not a scam. The Rangers are playing the Angels this weekend and will stay in first place win or lose... and I wouldn't mind seeing a game if I can find someone compatible. I want to be completely honest, asian massage Iowa City no games of any kind. I am putting myself out there and hoping for the best. I don't have the patience for games, or lies, or to be teased. If you read this post and something "clicks" for you, I would love to hear from you. I would very much appreciate the company of a quality woman again. Please take a chance. I honestly don't expect the type of woman I would like to meet to make a habit of looking on slist for company, sexy hookers online Daphne but maybe you are here just killing time, laughing at all the horrible two lines posts which have no hope of success, sex tonight find Sao vicente or maybe just curious. If what I wrote below reminds you of someone you know, forward this to her and have her take a look. The Metroplex is full of wonderful women, but finding someone "just right" is worse than trying to find a needle in a haystack because at least you know where the haystack is and what a needle is like! I would prefer to communicate with the person I would be meeting, Dijon married sluts phone chat not a friend, single moms wanting cock in South Green Heights but I wouldn't mind the help finding my way to her. So who is the person asking for company in this post? I am a man in my mid-forties, who is divorced with a child at home, who has no interest in clubs or bars and who has a difficult time meeting someone new. No, there isn't anything drastiy wrong with me! I am not bad looking. I don't have a sculpted athletic physique, women to fuck Sao paulo but I am not disgusting either. I would be considered overweight, sex date cam Springdale Arkansas but not grossly so. (I wear a 2X but hope to being shrinking some this summer now that my daughter will be away visiting her mother for a few weeks.) I am six feet tall, a full head of brown hair (with a little gray beginning to creep in underneath which shows up when I get my hair cut short,) blue eyes, glasses, Bridgewater Iowa park gold stratus fairly clean cut (no tattoos or piercings of any kind.) I will reply with a photo if we communicate and there is mutual interest in moving forward. I won't send a blind photo to someone I haven't learned a little about because I have read of scams in which people just try to acquire photos so they can then post them on fake profiles to scam other people! It is TERRIBLE to have to so paranoid, Littcarr Kentucky sex hookup but better safe than sorry. And of course I would expect you to send a photo if you do request mine. Why I am looking here? I just don't get out much other than with my child, and when I do go out I am not outgoing or aggressive enough socially to attract attention. I have always been shy when first trying to get to know someone in-person. Once I know there is a mutual interest, nude women of Mechanicsburg the recluse goes away and a really great guy emerges, but I do need someone to help with that first step. I don't just hit on random women in public places. I won't pursue a romantic interest at work because of the potential problems that could cause. For some reason my bashful nature does not translate online so I have absolutely no problem communicating by e-mail or instant message, so my search has led me here. I don't smoke. I don't drink (but I don't mind if you like an adult beverage now and then.) I don't use any type of illegal drug, never have. I have never had an STD and don't want to start at this age. I have a graduate degree and I am professionally employed as a teacher (so I have been through a criminal background check, a fingerprint search, etc.) I did win custody of a young daughter during my divorce, which should indicate something about my character as well, and I have devoted the past eight years to being the very best father I can be. I have been ed a great dad by my little girl, friends, co-workers, and even my ex. I just have something very important missing from my life, someone special. No, I am not desperate. I am not looking for someone to "complete me" or to "make life worth living." And I won't "settle" for just anyone when I still have hope the quality woman I deserve is out there somewhere feeling the same way. I just miss having someone to look forward to during the time my daughter is away with her mother. I miss having someone looking forward to being with me. I miss the anticipation of checking e-mail, and finding a voicemail. I miss feeling wanted and I miss having someone to want. I would not be interested in someone who is only looking for an e-mail buddy. I am not looking for someone only interested in exchanging erotic pictures or playing online, and I absolutely won't join some website to exchange information. I am not looking for "just friends" either. I am looking for real, in-person company, sexy hookers online Daphne which could hopefully lead to an affectionate, intimate, and potentially ongoing, exclusive relationship. Taking care of my child, and work, take up most of my time, but I have a few weeks during the summer and a couple of weekends a month during the school year when I would love to have a woman in my life. It is now summer break from school and my daughter will be away with her mother, and I have several weeks off work which I would love to devote to an adventure with a special lady. (If you are a single teacher and need to blow off a little steam and get away from the headaches of school, relieve a little stress, and just have fun with an adult, I know the feeling!) Even though it has been awhile for me, I haven't give up hope. While my child is away from home, and after my child goes to bed each night, I am lonely. I miss adult company and conversation. I miss having someone special to look forward to. It has been more than six years since my divorce, and I would be grateful to find someone willing to spend some quality time alone with me again. I am ready, and I am open to the possibilities, and I am eager to find someone compatible again. I would like to meet an educated professional woman who has a life and understands responsibilies but who may be in a situation similar to mine - with limited free time for socializing but who is missing the company of a really great guy to make her feel special and appreciated. I would prefer her to be intelligent, professionally employed, affectionate, have a sense of humor and an outgoing personality, and be reasonably attractive (not necessarily beautiful, but "cute" to me.) In general I prefer slender to average or athletic types. I don't expect or want a size zero stick figure. Someone size 8-12 or 14 (just "average") is what I find most appealing. I would likely not be interested in a BBW. There is nothing wrong with that type, just not my preference. No offense intended. Please don't misunderstand, I am not just looking for a Barbie doll. I don't mind a few extra pounds, a little extra padding, and nice curves, but I probably would not be attracted to someone carrying a few dozen extra pounds, and yes I do realize the pot/kettle situation since I am also overweight. The truth is I am not just looking for an empty shell that happens to be the right size though. I honestly do want to meet a woman who can carry on a conversation and challenge me intellectually, whose company I enjoy. I miss having FUN and laughing with someone special too. And it would be great to find a woman who is compatible personality wise and sexually. (I did mention how lonely I have been, didn't I?) I know I am not perfect, and I don't expect perfection in a companion. The only really non-negotiable trait is honesty. If you lie to me, if trust is lost, then all hope is lost. I don't play games and don't want games to be played on me. Just be sincere, be yourself, and maybe we will both end up much better off than we were alone. I do have a lot of love to offer the right woman if I can find her. As I said, I am in my 40s, I am not looking to take advantage of a teenager. I would prefer to meet a "grown up," perhaps a woman in her 30s, or early 40s, who may have a similar personality to mine, who probably would never consider "hooking up" with someone from a club or bar, who doesn't consider herself to be a "one night stand" kind of person normally, but who may (like me) miss physical intimacy, who would like to share an exclusive, ongoing, mutually satisfying sexual relationship with a really nice guy. I would love to meet a woman who is also lonely, who would appreciate the company, sexy hookers online Daphne but who may not want to have that type of encounter with someone from work or church because they fear gossip or someone talking about them behind their back to friends, co-workers, or family. I do value my privacy and I would understand if you prefer to be discreet to protect your reputation as well. No, I am not married. I do not have anyone else. I am not trying to hide anything, I just prefer to be discreet to protect my child. The bottom line is: I am just a lonely, professional, sincere, honest man would be genuinely grateful to share the company of a really great woman again. I do have primary custody of my child. I am a teacher. During the school year my "adult time" is pretty limited. When my child is home with me, my free time is non-existant. I am probably overprotective, but I don't want to involve my child in any dating type activities until I am fairly certain it is a stable situation with a future. I don't want my child to get attached to someone, then have them disappear. So I only have the time while my daughter is away on visitation with her mother to devote to someone special. I understand that type of situation probably does not lend itself to a full time relationship right away, but if we do connect and enjoy each other's company, sexy hookers online Daphne I would welcome an intimate friendship in which we could meet when our schedules allow without interfering with our regular day-to-day lives. Of course I would prefer an exclusive, on-going, relationship. I don't want to share or be shared. I am not looking for a cast of thousands or a series of one time encounters, just one special lady, and I would do my best to make sure she does feel appreciated and enjoy our time together enough to ask to see me again. I miss being asked as much as anything. Doesn't everyone want to feel wanted? Again, please don't misunderstand. I am very open to the idea of an ongoing, potentially longterm relationship. There have been many times I have thought about possibly getting married again. Even though I am in my mid-forties, if I can find the right woman, I would very much like to have the opportunity to have another child someday. That isn't a dating requirement obviously. A woman my age likely would not be interested in having children, but if you are in your early 30s and have no kids of your own but someday want a family, I would be open to that possibility if we are compatible longterm. I do live a few hours west of the Metroplex. I used to spend a few weekends a month in the area and I do miss it. I would not mind driving there, or anywhere in the immediate area, to meet you on the weekends our schedules allow, but I would not be able to drop everything one night in the middle of the week during the school year for a spur of the moment date. During the summer the situation is different. I have a LOT of free time on my hands, more than I would like actually. I would honestly prefer to date someone away from the small towns I live and work in. I don't need students or parents gossiping about my personal life so I would prefer a little travel to meet a romantic partner. I am willing to plan ahead, find out when our schedules match, and see if we can fill what is missing in each other's lives. I do want to have someone to look forward to, I want to feel the butterflies and anticipation of meeting a quality woman again. I want to be able to completely enjoy our time together and then start looking forward to, and planning, our next encounter. If you are nervous, I completely understand that! I am somewhat terrified to try to meet someone this way, but I am tired of spending all my time alone. I am very lonely. It has been awhile for me. I do miss having an exclusive, mutually satisfying, adult relationship. I have finally gotten to the point I am willing to post here, and just jump right in and meet in public and see if there is any mutual interest in moving forward after spending a little time together. If any of what I have written sounds familiar to you, if you might be in a similar situation, please be brave and give me a chance. No pressure. No expectations... if this doesn't work out, no harm is done, but honestly I hope to find that one special lady who can put a smile on my face again, and I would like for her to enjoy my company enough so that SHE ASKS to see me again, and again, and again. I would like to be asked. I am not just looking for a quickie or a one time experience. I would like to find someone who would like to spend hours together, weekends together whenever possible. I would like to find someone who understands how I feel, may feel the same way, who misses what I miss, and who could enjoy what I am seeking. You have no reason to believe anything that I have written, but I am being sincere in how I feel and the type of person I would like to meet... and I am willing to exchange e-mail or instant message chat until you do feel comfortable believing I am the type of person I say I am. As I said before, I am not looking to take advantage of anyone. If you are not interested in what I have to offer, I completely understand. But, if the idea of having someone special does appeal to you, if you miss that type of company, sexy hookers online Daphne if you would like have that in your life again (even if it is only when our schedules allow,) I would very much like to meet you. Seriously, what do you have to lose? By spending just a little time exchanging a few e-mail messages to learn about each other, maybe spending some time participating in an instant message chat, a little time exchanging s, a public meeting until you feel comfortable with the situation... with just that little bit of effort you might be able to feel that anticipation of checking e-mail hoping to find a message that will excite you, you might be able to rekindle that feeling of butterflies you used to have getting ready to meet that special someone, you might be able to look forward to the weekends again for a reason other than being away from work, and you might be able to feel that rush of passion again. Isn't that worth a reply? Obviously I am not some spammer (would one really take the time to write THIS LONG and detailed message?) But due to all the spam I received after a previous post, I will ask if you do reply then PLEASE write in the first line or two something specific about the area (the mascot of one of the local professional teams or something unique about the area, the name of an attraction or museum, or something similar) or just write "Summer Break" in the subject line so I will know you are local and not some scam. I spent a lot of time putting this message together, so please reply in a similar fashion with more than just one or two lines. Please share similar information about yourself to give me an idea of the type of person I will be communicating with. I know I would greatly appreciate the company of an honest, asian massage Iowa City smart, cute, affectionate, adult woman. Can I appreciate you? Do you remember what it is like to feel appreciated instead of taken for granted? If you are tired of being a neglected or ignored, if you spend all of your time taking care of someone else (children, parents, family, friends,) and would like to meet someone who would like to appreciate YOU, if you are just willing to take a chance on me then you might really be surprised what an intelligent, kind, thoughtful, honest, asian massage Iowa City caring, affectionate man is available... and I would be genuinely grateful for the company and affection.

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Looking for my buddy Hey there, how's it going this fine weekend? I'm a single white male, 36 yrs old from the S. Jersey area looking to meet someone for friendship. For the last year I have had the pleasure of having a very good friend in my life, she and I could talk about anything and everything that was going on in each others lives. I was a shoulde girl looking for sex in Mill Valley CA, Komsomolsk-na-amure, Grand prairie, Papineau, LaGrange, Odessa FL r to cry on and she was mine in the event of something bad happening. Lately she has been dating and we are drifting apart, she is always busy and we can't get together and share dinner or a drink or catch a movie because of that and I miss that connetion of having someone so special in my life. I'm looking to find a new "best friend" so to speak, someone to chat with, hang out with sometimes and get to know with no expectations of anything other than friendship coming from it. Let me know if you are interested in something like this as well and lets see what happens, thanks I hope to find someone soon


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